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We have two Major Division.

1.Trading In Solar Power equipment ranging from Modules to Inverter to Mounting Structures and    other balance of system

2. EPC on Solar Power Plant (Ongrid & Offgrid System).

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We are trading in solar energy products of Solar Panels, Solar Inverter, Structures, ACDB&DCDB Boxes, Solar Cables, Earthing rod & Lightening Arrestor

EPC on Solar Power Plant (Ongrid & Offgrid system).We Provide solution for Residential,Industrial &Commercial

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We Provide all types of Solar Products.

We are trading for reputed ,reliable & technologically advanced solar products. 

We Offers end to end EPC Service for Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

We offer varied products such:-

  • Professional Services
  • Affordable Prices
  • Assured Quality
  • On Time Delivery
  • Customer Friendly


Very Simple Electric Power Generating System


100% Green Energy

Solar Products

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